Membership Enhancement Coordinators became Officers in 2010 and the Membership Enhancement Program is still evolving. The MEC Spotlight is just now being originated and the purpose is to give the MEC the opportunity to be more active at the chapter level. The MEC will interact more with the membership by providing fun activities and spicing up the chapter gathering and giving a 5 minute talk. Just as the Chapter Educator gives a Safety Talk the MEC will speak on a topic pertaining to Membership Enhancement. This will be referred to as the MEC Spotlight.

The MEC Spotlight is topics for the MEC to talk about at Chapter Gatherings. The topics will cover a variety of subjects that are included in the ME Program. The topics will highlight things such as Membership Benefits, Recruiting and Retention, Chapter Life, Couple of the Year, Chapter of the Year and many, many more.

We have included more than 20 topics at the present time. We want your topics to be included, so please send them to us. As the program grows the topics may change, some may go away and some will stay, this is just the beginning. Some of the topics seem to have the same line of thought and this is okay, because you will be able to use the one you are most comfortable with.
Your role as a Membership Enhancement Officer is very important and we hope that you embrace it as such. So go forth and spread the FUN.

Remember our Motto “Friends for Fun, Safety and Knowledge”

Are We Having Fun Yet
Chapter Life
Chapter of the Year Overview
Cliques – Good or Bad
Comfort Zones
Couple of the Year Overview
Do I Have to Own a Gold Wing
Do You Participate
Friend Basket
Fun Activities
FUN is Contagious
FUN – Is It Change or Attitude
Goal Setting
GWRRA is Not Fun Anymore
Individual of the Year – Guidelines
Individual of the Year – Resume
Individual of the Year – Score Sheet
MAP Recruiting
MEC & Member Team
MEC Spotlight COY
MEC Spotlight Membership Enhancement is Everyone
Membership Benefits Overview
No One Left Out
No Winger Left Behind
Recruitment and Retention
Remember When You Were New
Spring Time Again
The Ideals of GWRRA